UFABC Rocket Design

UFABC Rocket Design is a team formed by students from the UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DO ABC with the purpose to project and develop experimental rockets. Part of the Aerospace Development and Research Group.

Liberty Mission
Boitatá I Mission
Boitatá II Mission
Curitiba 2015 Mission

Our projects need some very specific and high cost materials. This way, we count on sponsors that, kindly, help us to afford a big part of our requests. We thank them a lot and promise to honor their commitment with us.


Rocket development can be a lot more interdisciplinary that you’d ever imagine. Thus, UFABC Rocket Design is made today by people coming from very diverse undergraduate studies, including humanities. Like the Universidade Federal do UFABC, UFABC, we value much the concept of interdisciplinarity and the knowledge exchange that comes with it, always seeking to keep this diversification within the team.

Rocket Boosters are organizations and people who support UFABC Rocket Design. All of them helped make possible all goals we've reached and all achievements we've got. We are extremely grateful for their help.



Marina Sparvoli Team Advisor Professor UFABC
Wiliam Dalcin Team Cooperator Admnistrative Technician UFABC
Daniel Rascio Team Founder Ex-Student UFABC

Be a Rocket Booster you too! Help us to launch our rockets and send the name of UFABC to the space!
The donation will be credited on the UFABC Rocket Design financial manager account. That’s due to the bureaucratic issues related to corporate registers. All the values will be withdrawn from this account and taken right to the team funds.